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Lola's Food Truck

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Whoa, what's that!? A bird? A plane? No. It's Lola's Food Truck. Beep beep! Coming through! To a location near you! Especially if that location is near The Hub in Mankato, MN (we are there a lot). 

A not long time ago in a galaxy called the Milky Way, a food truck was purchased by a restaurant in the quaint little German hamlet of New Ulm, MN. Since that fateful day, said food truck has done exactly what you would expect a food truck to do. Make food. That may be the extent of Lola's Food Truck's humble beginnings, but it is far from the end.

I mean, unless there is some disaster, Lola's Food Truck will continue to make food for people in the area. So if you want food, and if you are also around where the food truck is for the day then, idk, come check it out or something; you wont be disappointed (or maybe you will, sorry, life is like that sometimes). 

Lola's Food Truck is regularly at the Hub in Mankato, MN, every Wednesday and Friday from 11am to 2pm. If you made it past all the cheesy (not in the literal sense) text above, and you are hungry, and you are in the area, we would love to see you! 

Or, if you have an event/party that you want to hire Lola's Food truck for, check out our contact page for more information, submit a request, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! Beep beep! Gotta go! 

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