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lola - an american bistro

Intense aromas, thick textures, bold flavours, cliché spellings, text that reads like the back of an archaic 2018 vintage wine bottle. We're Lola - An American Bistro, the best coffee shoppe/cafe on the block*; but don't just take our word for it, come and see for yourself. 

In addition to a restaurant, Lola - An American Bistro also owns and operates a food truck, runs a kitchen and bar in The Grand Kabaret just down the street, and offers catering services for all kinds of events in the area. Check out our locations below, or visit each page for menu options and/or more information. Thanks for visiting!

*note: we are also the only coffee shoppe/cafe on the block

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about us

Here is a haiku about Lola's, it even rhymes (which isn't even a requirement for haikus); it describes us perfectly.

pot pie in a bowl 
i would have another one
but it made me full
— unknown

How about another.

pork bahn mi tacos
two of them, in my tummy
— also unknown

Alright, that's enough poetry.

In it's early stages, it was called the "Larkspur Market", but that name grew old or something, so, we changed the name. Now it's "Lola - An American Bistro". Why Lola? Lacey (one of our owners) has a daughter named Lola. So that might have something to do with it. 

Speaking of owners, are you interested in meeting them? Because that information is literally right below. You can just scroll down and you will get some cool portraits that show off their personalities, and a brief bio for each of them. See you there. 

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The Owners

Lacey Lueth 

Meet Lacey. She's the one on the left. A long time ago (or not a long time ago it depends on how long 9 years feels like to you), Lacey bought a small cafe/marketplace in New Ulm called the Larkspur. It has gone through a lot of changes since then, but the good food and quality service remain the same,  and they all built up to create the Lola's we all know and love today. 

Jordan Kuelbs 

Meet Jordan. She's the one on the right. She joined up with Lacey about a year ago, and as you can see above, they've been a good match for each other. Classically trained as a pastry chef at Le Cordon Bleu (there is one in the Cities and there is one in Paris - we don't know which one), she continues to provide the New Ulm area with treats worth writing home about. 

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