Lola - An American Bistro

The Restaurant

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Just looking for quick cup of joe? We got you covered. 

Breakfast or lunch? We just happen to do that as well. 

Dinner? Come after 5pm Friday-Saturday and we'll make it happen. 

Not looking for something to eat or drink? This is probably not the place for you, we would recommend going somewhere else for whatever it is you're looking for. 

Located at 16 N Minnesota St. in New Ulm, MN, the restaurant is our hub of operations. Previously known as the Larkspur Market, Lola's is an American Bistro, which means that we do what we want, and we do it well. 

The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday at 7am, closing at 5:30pm except for Friday and Saturday where we’re open until 7pm. Our Sunday hours are 9am - 2pm. 

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The Menu

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